Benefits of mastering english language

By Contributor One strives to learn a foreign language for a variety of reasons. A teacher in a multilingual school has to have the ability to reach out to students of different cultures.

Benefits of mastering english language

English Language Learners ELLas well as anyone engaging in obtaining multilingual abilities, were found to have eight mental benefits. The brain undergoes a change in electrical activity Before this study it was believed this change in brain functioning only occurred when students had obtained a high level of language ability in the new language, but this study revealed this change may occur at the earliest stages of language learning.

This is a huge benefit because it allows the brain to keep information in the brain for longer durations while thinking processes are activated.

Increased problem-solving abilities A person also benefits from language learning by gaining increased problem-solving abilities in all of the following areas: The study found individuals with multilingual communication were able to better read and interpret social situations, which improved their performance in social settings.

Prevents the deterioration of brain functioning over time The study reports that individuals who were multilingual had a decreased rate of 2 to 4 years in the development of age-related cognitive problems such as dementia.

Increased ability in digital literacy The culmination of all these advantages results in one last benefit: Because of these quickened mental abilities individuals which are multilingual have a noticeable ability to stay up to date with modern technologies.

Reading about this benefit reminded me of this quote: The Lethal Custom, p.English doesn’t just belong to native speakers, it belongs to everybody.

Already spoken by a quarter of the world’s population, English offers you so many ways to get ahead: opportunities to work or study abroad; stronger earning power at home, and the freedom to travel and make friends across the world.

A recent study titled: “The Contribution of Multilingualism to Creativity,” has proven there are many benefits for the brain gained through learning an additional language.

English Language Learners (ELL), as well as anyone engaging in obtaining multilingual abilities, were found to have eight mental benefits. 1. Mastering a language is a skill which requires a lot of time, discipline and persistence. Many people start learning and give up half-way.

Benefits of mastering english language

That’s why employees who have knowledge of foreign language(s) are much harder to replace. 9 Major Benefits of Learning English. 1. Keeps Your Brain Sharp. Learning any language keeps your brain active and challenged.

In fact, your brain changes electrical activity and size when learning a new language. No matter what age you start at, there are benefits for learning a new language. The Importance Of Mastering English.

Posted on Agustus 19, Filed under: Artikel Umum | Tag:learning motivation | Indonesia – as a member of the nations of the world – has realized the importance of the fact that English is the language of the world.

Mastering a new language is not as simple as learning a new vocabulary. In fact, most often it will require a prolonged period of study, patience, and time. The good news is that many online courses offer a variety of lesson plans and multimedia tools to address reading, writing, listening, and speaking a new language.

Benefits of mastering english language
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