Brand identity prism of raymonds and

What is a brand? First, what is a brand? It seems as if a myriad of definitions have been floated out into the business lexicon to attempt to define exactly what a brand actually is.

Brand identity prism of raymonds and

Brand identity prism of raymonds and

Share this article Share Confused and not-so-quietly fuming, I sought a second opinion from a rival chain, David Clulow, a few weeks later.

It recommended a huge increase in my prescription, from So who was right and who was wrong? Well, what might come as something of a shock to the 68 per cent of Brits who wear glasses is that the answer was neither.

For I was to discover when I turned to the experts that eye exams are not the objective test we might think. To investigate, I had five eye tests in a month, and every prescription came back slightly different.

According to research from the journal of the College of Optometrists, an estimated 2 per cent of spectacle wearers —of us a year — return to our opticians unhappy with new lenses. The right prescription is the one the patient is happy with. The answer lies in a combination of the eye test and a discussion about your lifestyle, work, hobbies and eyesight needs.

For instance, some people — those who work in an office, for example — might not need perfect distance vision.

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As Dr Blakeney explains: It may be used for people who are becoming more short or long-sighted or who have trouble focusing as they get older.

First, according to Professor Elliott, one criticism that may get levelled at an optometrist for giving a partial prescription is that they are making more money by moving up people in increments — the customer may need a new prescription sooner, meaning a second pair of glasses or at least lenses to pay for.

On top of this, it can be hard to get the balance right. Giving too low a prescription can cause blurriness and headaches due to straining to see — as I experienced — and it can even be dangerous in some situations, such as night driving. However, in certain circumstances — for example, if you drive for work — your optometrist may recommend your full distance prescription straight away, despite problems you may have adapting in the short-term.

This might explain why the second optician I saw recommended a large jump in prescription rather than a partial one. It was the highest prescription of the five and would give me the best distance vision, but would likely be hardest to adapt to.


More positively, Specsavers, Boots and Vision Express explained that my true prescription was up to 0. Dr Blakeney advises finding a good optometrist — a member of the College of Optometrists — and building a relationship so they know your eyes.

And always go back if you are unhappy with your vision. We apologise if this is not what you experienced, and understand a full refund was given.May 17,  · Kapferer's Brand Identity Prism: Jean Noel Kapferer is well known for his advanced work on brand identity, strategic brand management, brand portfolios, brand architectures and most recently on prestige and luxury management.

The Brand Identity Prism.

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Danielle Spinks Brand 0 “Having an identity means being your true self, driven by a personal goal that is both different from others and resistant to change.” Jean-Noel Kapferer. There are many models and frameworks for branding.

‘Brand identity prism’ is a diagrammatical analysis to identify one brand which is presented by a hexagonal prism. It illustrates that brand identify has six facets which are Physique, Personality, Culture, Relationship, Reflection and Self-image.

Feb 21,  · Why Kapferer’s Brand Identity Prism works so well Kapferer’s Brand Identity Prism is a complete tool that takes into account both the internal and external aspects of a brand.

Put your brand under the microscope - The Kapferer Brand Identity Prism

It not only helps the user define the brand’s Essence, but also its Position. The brand identity prism, as the name suggests comes in the form a prism with 6 different traits at each end of the prism.

These 6 traits are 1) Physique – Physique is the basis of the brand. Brand Identity Prism of Grain Waves 2 Physique 3 Personality 5 Culture 6 Relationship 7 Reflection 8 Self image 8 3. Conclusion and Recommendation 9 Reference List 10 Appendices 11 1.

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