Essay on the biological importance of water

Water is highly cohesive and adhesive: Because of hydrogen bonds, water molecules develop strong intermolecular attraction between them.

Essay on the biological importance of water

Two thirds of the earth is covered by water. Approximately 75 percent of the human body is formed of water. Every form of life on earth depends on water in one form or other for its subsistence.

In human beings, water helps with transporting and replenishing nutrients. It helps with cleansing the human body. Water bodies like sea, lakes and ponds are home to thousands of creatures. Metabolism Metabolism is defined as the process that cells of living organisms execute to generate energy to carry out vital activities.

Essay on the biological importance of water

This energy generated from metabolism is used for growth and maintaining daily processes. Water is the medium used by the human body to carry out various chemical reactions. It is essential for moving oxygen, nutrients and hormones through the blood stream.

Water thus helps with the basic metabolism of the human body by facilitating the chemical reactions that take place in the human body. Solvent Water is the solvent for chemical reactions in the human body. It has a unique chemical formation that helps it to dissolve a wide variety of molecules like salts.

The hydrogen atoms of water positively charged attract negatively charged atoms of the particles it dissolves and oxygen atoms of water negatively charged attract the positively charged atoms of the particles. Other compounds like sugars, proteins and amino acids, which are polar having a positive and a negative component like saltsalso dissolve in water.

However compounds such as oils and fats that are non-polar do not dissolve in water. Video of the Day Brought to you by Techwalla Brought to you by Techwalla Temperature Moderator A number of chemical reactions take place within human cells that produce energy to be used by human beings.

Enzymes catalyze a majority of these reactions. These enzymes need a specific range of temperature to act optimally. Water helps with keeping the range of temperature in the human body moderate for these enzymes to act properly.

This helps with the process of metabolism in the human beings. Photosynthesis Photosynthesis is a process that is employed by plants to produce food sugar.

This process uses sunlight, green pigment chlorophyll and water. The process produces oxygen, which forms the basis of life in this planet. Some forms of bacteria also exhibit photosynthesis, which utilizes water in the process.

Habitat Water provides habitat to a thousands of creatures. The oceans are home to fish, otters, turtles, sharks and dolphins.

There are plenty of microorganisms that live in water. Ducks, beavers and frogs live in ponds.Water is important because it is essential to life on earth.

Humans can only live three days without water, though it is possible to live weeks without food. Water is especially valuable for human health, medicine, agriculture and industry. The human body is made up mostly of water. Eighty-five.

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Essay on Water Quality and Environmental Health In the modern world the problem of the reliable water supply is extremely important because the water resources are widely exploited and water is used in different fields of human activities.

• biologically important properties of water • four important properties of water • biological importance of water • importance of water biology The unique properties of water are important to: a.

Ecology of lakes, streams, and oceans b. Plants the use water to transport nutrients c. Animals whose blood must contain water to move. Water is important for life due to its many roles and functions in chemistry, biochemistry and biology that result in water being, not just important, but essential to support life.

These functions of water in biology are due to the diverse properties of water, that is - the way it behaves, both chemically and physically.

Water is not easily compressed and has an important role in support in plants and animals The uptake of water by plant cells creates a pressure against the rigid cell wall.

Essay on the biological importance of water

This turgor pressure helps non-woody plants to remain upright. osmosis: Biological Importance of Osmosis Osmosis and dialysis are of prime importance in living organisms, where they influence the distribution of nutrients and the release of metabolic waste products.

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