Ignatius rigor thesis

Students may opt for either the Psy. Requirements are the same including experimental research. Upon completion of the doctorate, a candidate may receive the second doctorate by defending a meta-analysis dissertation in the same field as the first doctorate. All programs detailed in the School of Psychology may also be pursued simultaneously but separately through Sofia University, Bulgaria.

Ignatius rigor thesis

All posts so far in this series: So far I have called attention to the many similarities between Peregrinus and the author of the so-called Ignatians. Failed explanations for the similarities I have explained that, to account for the similarities, it is not enough to simply claim that Lucian, for his portrait of Peregrinus, probably borrowed from Ignatius.

Ignatius of Antiochie Photo credit: That kind of borrowing by Lucian would only have compromised his ridicule of Peregrinus. People would have noticed that his portrait was false.

More convincing explanations But I have also now shown that the letters themselves contain puzzling features that point to a different explanation for the similarities. The similarities exist because the letters were in fact written by Peregrinus, but the puzzles exist because changes were later made to the letters to disguise his authorship.

Fortunately, with help from TDOP, enough telltale traces of the true provenance of the letters remain so that the puzzles can be solved. Authorship by Peregrinus provides a more convincing reason for the urgency of the request that Ambassadors of God be sent from Asia to Antioch.

And that request for Asian Ambassadors matches up with the presence of Asian delegates in Syria who, according to Lucian, helped, defended and encouraged Peregrinus. My theory also provides a more convincing reason for the request that a most God-pleasing council be convoked.

And why, for instance, only in the so-called letter to Rome is there no mention of a bishop, presbyters and deacons. Other lesser anomalies find similarly satisfying solutions. And, of course, since Peregrinus at some point became an apostate, there is an overall plausible reason why a later Christian would have needed to disguise the letters if he wanted to use them.

One would expect that if the scenario presented by the Ignatians in their present state was authentic, Ignatius of Antioch would receive frequent mention in the early record. After all, here supposedly was an early Christian bishop of one of the major cities in the Roman Empire who travelled to Rome itself for his martyrdom.

He supposedly travelled, then, from Antioch through important cities and ports in Asia Minor, then through Philippi and the other towns and cities on the Via Egnatia, and then on to Italy and Rome. And everywhere he went he received visits from members of the local churches.

And everywhere he went he and his religious brethren publicized his upcoming sacrifice, by letters and by messengers: It is safe to say that few second-century Christians received the amount of exposure enjoyed by the author of the letter collection.

And that is why there has to be something wrong with the scenario presented by the Ignatians in their present state, for Ignatius of Antioch is absent from the second-century Christian record! My theory can explain that absence.

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First, the author of the letters was not a bishop. He was a deacon.

Ignatius rigor thesis

And he was not led to Rome.Final Jesuit Values Essay prompt and assignment: Research the History of the Jesuit Values, review your initial Jesuit Values Essay, and your coursework related to the Jesuit Values.

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