Living life to the fullest college essay

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Living life to the fullest college essay

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What if questions that affects our behavior in a particular time of our life. This what if questions that construct a secrets and let a half of our life live with regrets.

Yes things are already done, but the word sorry, believe it or not heal a portion of a hurt heart. As a saddest summary of life contains three desciptions,could have,might have and should have. I could have spend a life in a good way, I might have a happy and contented life if I follow my dreams,I should have never loss my faith.

Never focused on your past. Remenber life never stops moving forward,Stay focused and never slow down with regrets,for life is not meant to be traveled backwards. Mistakes makes you,what you are right now, a product of your past.

Never regret anything because in one time,it was exactly the decision you wanted. According to study there are top 5 regrets of a dying. First is they wish they had the courage to life life true to themselves, not the life others expected them to be.

Who among us wants to live in a sad way, in a life full of dissapointments,No one. For life is too short for us to live in a life full of negative feelings. There are lots of practices that will let us live with no regrets.

First is that you should follow your own path not what others want you to follow, remember that it is your life not them. Take a look of your yourself first so that you are ready to face others with no regrets.


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Rizal Reflection Ezekiel S. Gonzales 3Bio-6 Living Life A different kind of experience and variety of feelings that I felt during the field trip was evident.

Though the field trip was quite simple it was outstanding because the main reason for the trip was to learn more about our national hero, Jose Rizal. Enjoying life to the fullest along with my loved ones makes my life worth living. To be able to live with people who I have a purpose and to experience being loved by them makes my life worth living.

Life full of mysteries is worth living although time is too short too to enjoy it, as long as long as our family and friends are there to add.

living life to the fullest college essay

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An unexamined life is not worth living. ~ Socrates As of this writing, exactly a week from now, another year will end. In the past, during this month of December, I’m busy buying gifts for people, at home, workplace, friends, relatives, etc., and busy attending several parties.

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