Reflection and refraction lab essays for scholarships

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Reflection and refraction lab essays for scholarships

This phenomenon of the reflection of light rays off glass, mirrors, or similar surfaces is summarized by the law of reflection: The angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection?

The bending of light when it enters a different medium is called refraction. Index of refraction n is defined as: In any homogeneous material, light travels in straight lines.

reflection and refraction lab essays for scholarships

However, when light encounters a different medium, some of the light is reflected back and some is transmitted into the new material. In this equation, the sub-indexes 1 and 2 represent the two different medium. Draw a straight line about 20 cm long across the paper about one-third down from the top.

This will be the baseline. Draw another line perpendicular to the first line using the protractor. Setting up the experiment Attach a clothespin along the bottom edge of each side of the mirror so it will stand up straight. Then approximately center the mirror about the normal on the baseline with the reflecting surface facing the angle lines.

Label these points P1 and P2. Look at the mirror from the right side of the normal line so you can see the reflection of the first two pins. Stick two pins into the paper so that they appear to be co-linear with the reflection of the first two pins.

They should appear to be in a straight line with the images in the mirror. Label the new pin points P3 and P4. It is important that the mirror not move from the baseline. This would change the angle of reflection. Refer to Figure 2. Setting up the experiment continued Remove the pins and draw a line that connects points P3 and P4.

This line represents the reflected ray. Use a protractor and carefully measure the angle of reflection? Did you expect this? Record the angles of reflection on your drawing. Transfer your results to Table 1. Repeat Part I using your laser pointer.

In order to see the laser beam, you must hold the laser pointer low enough to track the angle line and to be visible on the paper. This will allow the track of the beam to be reflected out onto the paper.

When using the laser you will not need the pins, just draw the angle lines. Refraction and refractive index of water. In this part we will trace rays through a semi-circular tray or Petri dish of water using the pin technique.

Tape a fresh sheet of paper to the cardboard.HOME Free Essays Reflection and Refraction Experiment. Reflection and Refraction Experiment Essay. B. Pages:5 Words (Also known as the Law of Refraction).

Reflection is defined as the reversal in direction of a particle stream or wave upon encountering a boundary.

The law of reflection states that the angle of reflection and . Refraction and reflection lab conclusion essay Dissertation fellowships philosophy personal essay in third person, can academic essays have headings word .

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reflection and refraction lab essays for scholarships

Log in. Home; Reflection and Refraction Lab. Reflection from the surface of a mirror, or any reflection where all the light rays reflect off a surface at the same angle, is called specular reflection. But, in fact, the law of reflection is.

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