Relativity of young and old

Is the earth some six to ten thousand years old or is it four to five billions years old? Was the genesis of the universe completed in days or over eons of time? Is it possible to get some 15 billion years to fit within six days? The issue addressed here is generally driven by a religious or otherwise academic interpretation of the biblical text of Genesis.

Relativity of young and old

TEP and published by C. Roy Keynes in He presents claims that relativity contains logical contradictions. Then, he presents a new theory called neo-Hertzian theory that he claims has no logical contradictions.

He then presents claims that experimental results contradict relativity theory. He provides colorful evaluations of scientists who have worked on relativity theory and experiments analyzed by relativity theory. My evaluation of this book is that it is very poor as a scientific study.

His emotional polemic provides a small amount of entertainment for aficionados of polemic and delusion. However, he presents scientific and mathematical mistakes. I don't think it is a good science book.

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However, it is sort of campy. It is like a parody of physics than an actual theory. This is not true, ever. Because of this fundamental error, TEP repeatedly makes the following mistakes.

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I will call them blind spots. I will show some specific examples in the following review. However, each chapter is basically a repeat of errors 1 to 10 applied to different physical systems.

So his fundamental error is his hypothesis that mechanical forces are always insignificant in relativity. Somewhere in every 'proof' that he provides, he sets the mechanical force equal to zero or insignificant.

However, the systems that he analyzes could only exist if the mechanical force is nonzero and significant. So Phipps created the logical contradiction, not Einstein. Kinematics by definition describe the motion of bodies without forces. However, a force can make a body act in any arbitrary way.

Therefore, physics using kinematics alone is very badly underdetermined. Kinematics without dynamics is not even called physics. It is called geometry.

Relativity of young and old

Calculations using kinematics alone are ambiguous because the presence of nonzero forces can make bodies behave differently from the calculations done by kinematics alone.

Kinematics without dynamics is basically a tautology. Kinematics without forces may be self consistent, but it is highly ambiguous.

The kinematics of Newton's 'Principia' is a combination Euclidean geometry and infinitesimal mathematics. Newton says straight up that a body that is not subjected to external force moves in a straight line at a uniform velocity laws 1 and 2which is kinematics.This review is on the book ‘Old Physics for New’ (OPFN) written by Thomas E.

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Phipps, Jr. (TEP) and published by C. Roy Keynes in He writes what he considers to be a physics theory that is an alternative to Einstein’s theories of relativity (both SR and GR). Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Old Physics for New: a worldview alternative to Einstein's relativity theory at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

WindowView Perspective - Old or Young Earth —15 Billion Years in 6 Days. WindowView — Science Home Change Science This uses relativity described by Einstein and further shows that an old Universe of 15 billion years actually fits within the six days of creation as described in the biblical text.

We suggest entertaining Dr. Schroeder's. Einstein always excelled at math and physics from a young age, reaching a mathematical level years ahead of his peers.

The twelve year old Einstein taught himself algebra and Euclidean geometry over a single summer. General relativity (GR). The theory of relativity basically consists of two theories: special theory of relativity and general theory of relativity.

Special relativity the special theory of relativity basically states that the speed of light is constant in any frame of reference. The assumption of a young earth, of some 6, to 10, years, comes results in an earth and universe appearing to be many billions of years old.

This situation would create a reality based on an artifact—this too suffers by a fiction.

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