Research paper madcow

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Research paper madcow

S, I had never heard that term when I was a child. It was first time in mid that illness was out break in the England. People afraid the mad cow disease, because if people infected there is no cure for the patient. I think the mad the cow disease is real threat for the U. S, because people eat a lot of beef.

In the supermarket beef has larger area than any other meats, or seafood.

Research paper madcow

S is a one of the world largest beef exporter to the world. Mad cow disease could infect both human, and animal even our housedog, or cat could infect.

Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease is caused by mad cow disease.

Other sample model essays: By clicking "SEND", you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. This disease of the bovine strain was foremost seen in the United Kingdom in November by histopathological scrutiny of affected encephalons Kimberlin,

If they infected their brain became like a spongy, because disease eat the brain. In Europe already about more than people died caused by the mad cow disease. And there are not sure how many people are already infected.

More people may die caused by the mad cow disease in the future. We cannot see, or easily check which cow is infected. I think that is most fearful fact.

Because it takes too many costs, and time if we check all the meat supplies that would be shortage on the beef, and increase price of the beef. On DecemberU. S Department of Agriculture confirmed the first mad cow disease infected cow was found in Washington State.

That cow was imported from the Canada. I think that is not saying U. S is safe, because both U. That mean if other cows eat same foods, those also had possibility of the infection. I think the mad cow disease is more dangerous than HIV, because HIV is avoidable epidemic today, because those are only from infected blood.

Also a lot of medicines are developed for HIV, and some scientists are trying to produce the vaccine. But mad cow disease is infected from our daily food supply, so it is hard to avoid.

People have chance to infect from the meal. Also viruses of the mad cow disease survive on the heat, and even radiation. Even if we heat meat, we cannot avoid the mad cow disease. In Japan if person who had been England on between s and s, she, or he cannot donate the blood.

It is like a HIV, scientists might believe mad cow disease spread through the blood. We can reduce chance of infecting the mad cow disease, that is simply becomes a Vegetarian. Mad cow disease is infected usually from meat, or bone especially near the brain tissue.

I think that is difficult way to avoid for the majority of the people.What are Prions and their role? Prions are the proteins that cause Mad Cow Disease also known as BSE. Prions are an infectious protein.

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Research paper madcow

SEND. By clicking "SEND", you agree to our. The Horrifying Details of Mad Cow Disease - The Horrifying Details of Mad Cow Disease Mad Cow Disease, scientifically referred to as (BSE) Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, is a disease that affects those humans who eat the meat from infected cows.

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