Steinhausen compact single watch winder

Silent motor with intermittent timer and directional controls.

Steinhausen compact single watch winder

Free Orbita Sparta 1 Mini Watch Winder Giveaway. Jan 01, — By Orbita certainly seem to be the best winders out there and I would love to have a single watch winder from this great U.S. company before investing in a multi-watch winder from them when my needs once again justify such an investment. I currently have a Steinhausen. Cheap and Best Watch Winders Versa G Automatic Single Watch Winder- Cheap & Best Watch Winder under $ Versa G is assembled in a beautiful black case with plastic cover. It has an LED light indicator that displays a blue light while the device is running. G’s pillow case is designed to fit small and big watches. Find great deals on eBay for single watch winder. Shop with confidence.

Origin Times If money is no object and you really want a watch winder that is unique. Check out Origin Times watch winders.

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Load your watched in a Bugatti Veyron engine block or wrap your watch around you own little oil rig. Very unique and over the top designs. Perfect for all you millionaires! Scatola del Tempo Made in Italy.

These watch winders are very pricey. Save your money and you can get another nice watch for your collection Pros: Very nice luxury watch winders and well built Cons: Most models only have one setting for turns per day.

Steinhausen Compact Single Watch Winder (Burlwood) - Watch Winder Station Some Advertised cheap watchwinders could damage your watches! High Quality yet Affordable Watch Winder!
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You are here Sparta winders are compact and lightweight, perfect for any mechanical watch. This winder is ideal for use in a safe, vault or display case without the need of a plug-in adapter.

Cost is very high 7. Swiss Kubik These are really nice watch winders. They very modular and compact in design. The cube design looks sleek and very modern. The reason why I am not putting this winder at the top of the ranks is because they made it a hassle to set the winder settings.

You have to use a USB cable, connect it to your computer and set the programming modes. This is a pain if you have more than one watch that requires different settings. It does come pre-programmed from the factory but at turns might be a bit overkill for some watches.

Very cool and modern design Compact design Lasts up to 3 yrs using lithium batteries on the lowest settings Cons: Inconvenient to program the winder Wish the front cover was closed to protect the watch from dust You can hear the gears turn when on so don't leave it by your bed at night.

Wolf Watch Winders Wolf watch winders are very well known for people who own automatic watches and watch winders. They are considered the mid to upper end of watch winders based on prices.

The leather is not real leather but a faux leather and they are made in China! For these prices, it should be made in Europe or USA. Lot of designs to choose from Nice packaging Works well but not perfect Motor is loud Cons: Its made in China but the price is very high Fake leather and they box is made of cardboard or thick paper because the leather winder does flex.

It is not wood. Wood grain boxes are not real wood but a laminate or veneer. Steinhausen Watch Winders Steinhausen watch winders have been around for several years. They use to be decently priced. Why do they cost so much you might ask. Its because they thought by offering a lifetime warranty, they can mark up the price.Dec 04,  · Re: Steinhausen TM watch winder instructions needed.

Mode 1 (both switches with the O pressed in): rotates for seconds on then 12 minutes off. Mode 2 (first switch with the O pressed in, second switch with the I pressed in): rotates second on then 15 minutes off.

Steinhausen compact single watch winder

This finely crafted, compact single Steinhausen watch winder is sized to make it ideal for travel. This finely crafted, compact single watch winder is sized to make it ideal for travel.

Its silent motor has an intermittent timer and controls that allow it to work either clockwise or counterclockwise. The synthetic exterior has a glossy. Product/Service:Leather Belts,watches,watch winders,money clips, Quick Zip Leather Belt,Steinhausen Luxury watch and Jewelry travel case,Steinhausen Single watch winder with timer.

Burlwood,,Leather Belts,watches,watch winders,money clips, Quick Zip Leather Belt,Steinhausen Luxury watch and Jewelry travel case,Steinhausen Single watch winder.

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Nov 22,  · I have compared it to a Steinhausen 8 watch winder that has 2 motors that are controlled separately and winds up to 4 watches on each motor at a time. I also compared to a Tourneau single watch winder that is manufactured by Wolf.

The Steinhausen winder is one that I have owned for several years and has held up pretty well. Nov 23,  · I have a 2 watch Steinhausen. Bought it on Ebay for under $ Works fine. I use the Omega-branded SwissKubik single; programmable with an optional USB key+software, silent, compact and a 3-year user-replaceable battery.

So recently I bought a Steinhausen Quad Watch Winder (TM) from and found it is on sale. Steinhausen watch winder, Sharper image watch winder, Royce Leather Battery Powered Single Watch Winder Features: high wide Compatible with most watch brands Plush cushion within the winder provides versatility to store small or large watches.

Our specially designed compact automatic watch winders will keep your favorite.

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