Thesis showcase

After earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Honours English from the University of Guelph, Tiffany decided to pursue her true passion of interior design.

Thesis showcase

Growing up in a military family, Christina Shivers moved to a new location every two or three years; because of this, she considers many places and no place home. She is a recent graduate of architecture at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia and previously studied music at the Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida.

These organized spaces dictate a prescribed behavior and social awareness resulting in a landscape of ill-fitting and awkward territories existing in opposition to one another.

An unintended byproduct of these collisions is the counter-space. Akin to slag, sludge and waste resulting from modern industrial processes, the counter-space is the left-over and neglected space of the city resulting from the ever increasing hegemony of society. Hidden within plain site, abandoned and unused, these spaces exist everywhere.

This thesis seeks to understand and reveal these counter-spaces and their subsequent populations within the city of Atlanta in order to bring an awareness to the design of the city for all populations.

The spatialtemporalities of counter-spaces will be understood through a de-territorialization of representation through notation and mapping.

It is his belief that in architecture, as in advertising, understanding the target audience and knowing their particular needs and wants is essential to developing sensible architecture that takes into account the context in which it sits and the public that it aims to Thesis showcase.

Events like Los Muros Hablan and Santurce Es Ley have been successful in generating a particular interest for the urban fabric and the ability of art to re-energize areas that were forgotten by the economic sector.

Nonetheless, the activity generated by such events vanishes when the murals are finished. Urban Lab aims at turning the event of creation of art into a motor of continuous urban development while attending two actual problems in the Santurce area: The lack of public parking accommodations The design project proposes the creation of a big public space that promotes and encourages street art, and at the same time it defines new interconnections between the main avenues and secondary streets of the selected site.

Thesis showcase

This urban lab is delineated by programs that give support to the uses found in the area and that makes new urban activity possible. The project is unified by a scaffolding-like structure that connects each of the proposed programs and that allows the public to look at the public space from above.

Zarith Pineda is recent graduate of Tulane University where she completed the rigorous 5 year M. Arch program and a B.

Zarith is currently taking the summer to travel throughout Asia and South America before beginning her professional career in the fall.

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Throughout history, these conditions have been temporal usually, one of the two powers gains control of the area and the other is exiled or forced to assimilate. As a result of the protocol the city was meticulously segregated down to the block and building scale.

Hebronites experience various privileges and restrictions depending on their nation-al affiliation, a reality that incubates resentments between both communities.

Born in Syria and raised in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Ranim has had the privilege of experiencing differed cultures.

Her main interest is exploring the impacts of politics and social change on settlements in areas of conflict and war. It offers an imaginative approach to how cities form and function regardless of the urban theories.

Efforts to unite both countries into one country have existed since the modern states, however hostility between them started at the same time. The city proposes the re-creation of the war-torn countries into a one unified state, drawing on the old unification dreams.

As a result of the destruction and the shortage of land, artificial platforms would offer a solution to this problem. The city is divided into 2 sectors: The Past and The Future.

It is composed of vertical elements of infrastructure that are replicated all around the state. They also hold horizontal platforms —placeholders for buildings. Moreover, they provide built-in elevators that act as the main circulation method in the city.

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The Past sector acts as the recreation zone. Plants grow on the rivers sides providing people with food.

Jan 15,  · Do you love live theater? Then you won’t want to miss out on the LSU Department of Theatre’s MFA Thesis Showcase this week. Starting tonight and running through January 20, the MFA students will present 11 one-person acts as their final projects. The Thesis Showcase Presentation will be held on Tuesday, September 11th, from 6pm-8pm at the District Architecture Center. The address is 7th Street NW, Washington, DC, Selected presenters must be able to attend the event in person. The School is pleased to announce the Graduate Thesis + Dissertation Showcase, a website that documents the work of our graduating graduate students. We are proud of their accomplishments. Graduates included in the website are: Division of Art Master of Fine Arts (MFA).

The structure emerges from the past sector towering above its crowded streets allowing people to travel back and forth; to get food, materials and also as a memorial. The Infrastructure is an evolving condition.

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Jorge Ricardo Fuentes always had a soft spot for technical arts and philosophical questions.M.F.A. Artists Showcase Thesis Projects in Campus Exhibition Friday, April 20, Amy Cella, Jeannie Field Ichimura, Jenna Meacham and Leslie Samson-Tabakin have thrived in the strenuous, three-year Master of Fine Arts program in the School of Art.

S Midpoint Review & Thesis Proposal // Guide your thesis proposal and your course work, that you have the ability to accomplish your goal. Thesis Showcase for Graphic Design. This area has copies of midpoint proposals for students currently in the thesis process.

There are also final thesis projects. Any of the student tutors on. Department of Film and Media Arts presents.

Thesis showcase

MFA Thesis Showcase. Tuesday, September 29, See the newly-completed films by the master of fine arts students! Three Minute Thesis Showcase Fall Finalists The Three Minute Thesis (3MT) challenges graduate students to communicate their research in three minutes or less in non-specialist language.

May 02,  · At Emory, the high caliber of resources of a national research university adds depth and rigor to the undergraduate liberal arts education. To graduate with honors from the Emory College of Arts and Sciences, students must complete an honors thesis, a comprehensive project that involves months of original research and analysis on a topic of their choice under the guidance of a faculty adviser.

SVA MFA Social Documentary Film Seventh Annual Thesis Showcase presents the works of our graduates, Group 7. This screening series is a preview of documentary.

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