Was the weimar republic dommed from

German Revolution of — The rebellion, November In Octoberthe constitution of the German Empire was reformed to give more powers to the elected parliament. On 29 October, rebellion broke out in Kiel among sailors. The revolution spread throughout Germany, and participants seized military and civil powers in individual cities.

Was the weimar republic dommed from

This treaty was a very embarrassing one for Germany as it meant that they lost a lot of land and would be demilitarised. The government were forced to sign this as it was conducted in such a way that it was a diktat a dictated settlementthis meant that Germany could not discuss or disagree with the terms and were told, sign them or the war goes on.

The German public saw this as another failure of the Weimar government. Whilst the Weimar Republic was in power there was a growing government debt and increasing inflation. The debt was left from the war and was one of the economic problems that they faced.

They had to try and get out of debt however they did not accomplish this as the debt kept growing, which also contributed to their collapse. The inflation was due to the government printing more money than its expenditure required. This angered the workers and middle classes as it meant prices rose throughout the country.

Yet again this led more towards their collapse as it was seen as another failure from the government and discontented the public. This theory became widely known as the real reason for their defeat due to the propaganda promoting the theory, and meant that the Weimar Republic were blamed for the defeat and not the army.

Another reason was the German Revolutions.

Was the weimar republic dommed from

The Revolution from Above occurred during September and October of Generals from the army recommended a civilian government and an armistice. A new civilian government was formed with Prince Max of Baden leading it.

Was the weimar republic dommed from

Some reforms were made however they were not enough to satisfy the German public. Leaving unrest and anger in among the people due to the economic problems and worry about the war.

As the German people were expecting and were promised victory in the war when they found out they were going to lose they were very angry and felt betrayed by their government and army. This unrest is what caused the Revolution from Below.

This revolution occurred during October and November of and during which sailors mutinied and the great discontent and anger grew.

The revolution forced Prince Max of Baden to hand over the chancellorship to Ebert, who was a socialist, and the Kaiser to abdicate and flee to Holland leaving a Republic to be formed.

Ebert made a deal with Groener, whereas the Elite would support the new government if the new government supported the Elite.

This meant that many socialist groups who did not support the idea of democracy still had positions of power. This was a problem for the Weimar Republic as it meant that there were people with power who opposed democracy.

There was also a fear of communism. This meant the Weimar republic would have to be reliant on right wing reactionaries due to this fear of communism. Leaving yet another problem for the Republic to overcome if they were not going to collapse.

The third reason was the Weimar constitution. The constitution was a list of rules for which the country should obey.

This meant that the president had power over the government. This was a problem for the Weimar Republic as it meant that the president could change the government and overrule then when he felt like it.'The Weimar Republic had flaws that made its failure inevitable.' 'Hitler's accession as chancellor was the result of weak politicians, not a weak Republic.' Look back over the facts and ideas you.

Seemed as though the Weimar Republic could not survive especially after the "year of crisis", To what extent did the Weimar Republic recover after ? Stresemann Era, - At Home Stresemann stabalised the Weimar Republic, Was the Weimar Republic doomed from the start?. Prepared for GCSE and AQA.

The purpose of the resource is to expose students to the various problems Weimar Republic faced from It looks at various positions and the efforts of the politicians of the new republic and takes a position on Why Weimar encountered different problems. Was Weimar Republic Doomed from the Start?

(no rating) 0 customer reviews. by those who handled the affairs of the democracy at that caninariojana.com contains step by step of different stages of Weimar government and balanced caninariojana.comns several photographs of Weimar government and traces the weaknesses of the state from its ineffective.

Republic.' Look back over the facts and ideas you have studied in this unit, and see if any of them lend support for either of these ideas. Answer preparation As part of your revision, think about the arguments and facts you would use to explain: 1. Why the Weimar Republic was doomed from the start.

2. The Weimar republic was failed from the start as the inflation started at the begging of the war as Bonnel points out “Inflation began in and was linked to the way in which the imperial government chose to pay for the war effort.

Undoubtedly the imperial government had indirectly doomed the Weimar republic.

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